Things to know about Rhinoplasty Surgery

Hello guys, in this article i want to inform you about things to know when you want to go for Rhinoplasty surgery. Please make sure to contact your doctor before going for any procedure.

For reshaping nose, Rhinoplasty surgery is performed. It is possible to make nose small and big through the surgery. The position of the nose is fixed according to the upper lip. Diverse range of things such as indentations and bumps in addition to other types of issues can be resolved with this surgery.

Incision is made on the nose bone and cartilage according to the requirement. Proper amount of support is given to the nose in due course. As the cut is made within the inner part of nose, you cannot see it from the outside. Requirement to remove a cartilage is observed in some occasions as well. By adding tissue, attraction of the face can be enhanced further. Following to the restructure of the cartilage and bone, tissue and skin is placed over the nose once again for proper appearance. During healing time, a splint is attached from outside in order to hold up newly constructed nose properly.

Both the local and general anesthesia can be used for rhinoplasty. It is not necessary to stay in the hospital for the surgery. However, one-night stay may be recommended in serious condition by the surgeons. Through training in otolaryngology and plastic surgery, ability to perform these surgeries can be earned.

What is expected after the surgery?

Puffiness is often felt around the area of nose in addition eyes after the surgery. Swollen faces along with the bruises are often seen due to the surgery. By putting a cold compressed on the bruised area, problems can be solved. Pain can be reduced considerable in due course. Pain medication is prescribed by the surgeons in order to keep the soreness and sting in check. To notice improvement in the condition of bruises and swell, it is necessary to wait at least for 10 to 15 days. However, both the bandages and splints are removed from the face within mere a week.

Head must be kept in an elevated position following to the surgery. Proper rest must be given to every possible muscle in the face. It is better to avoid strenuous activities for few weeks.

The reason behind the surgery

Shape, size and angle of the nose can be altered completely through rhinoplasty. Proportion of the face can be improved simultaneously. If there is a structural problem with the nose then it can be perfected through the surgery easily. It is especially beneficial to cure congestion in the nose that frequently leads to breathing issues.

rhinoplasty surgery

How Rhinoplasty works

From minor to considerable changes can be seen in the face through rhinoplasty. However, appearance of the face mostly depends on the nature of surgery. It is necessary to acquire approval from the plastic surgeon for the process. In case of a realistic expectation from the surgery, it can be fulfilled without much hassle. Desired results can be obtained. For finding your surgeon use google and search for one, which has good rating and enough experience. For Central Europe you can use this site. Plastická operácia nosa v Bratislave or plastika nosa cenník.

Permanent result can be ensured with rhinoplasty. However, condition can be changed with further injuries or accidents. It is important to have a fully grown nose on the occasion. Development of the nose can be completed within 16 years in woman and 18 years by a male.


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