How to achieve face like a hollywood celebrity

Hello guys,
in this article i wanna talk about how you women (and also men) can improve their appearance. Especially their face, because that´s the place where your eyes go and 

face with your teeth are the most visible parts of your body. 
So taking care of them or improving their appearance are never bad things to do,
So lets jump into it.

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As I said in the beginning, improving how your smile look has a big impact, so taking care of it play a huge part in that. I will discuss and elaborate about it later on in future articles, but until than, you can check out these guys which focuses on overall hygiene and aesthetics of your teeth- North Brisbane Cosmetic dentist (no affiliation with them).

Now we can dive into Face-lift procedures.

Due to introduction of face rejuvenation techniques of less invasive nature such as dermal fillers and botox, surgical procedures related to the face-lift has reduced. However, a significant change has seen through the ASPS statistics. Therefore, it can be said that the popularity of the surgical procedures especially face lift is increasing once again.

Face lift has been preferred by the people as a result of its long term effect. In comparison dermal filler, powerful impact for more than year can be seen with this surgical procedure. Following queries related to the surgery is noticed in most occasions.

Who can go through the facelift?

Defined age or characteristics may not be seen for the process of facelift. It basically depends on individual decision. However, it is better to consider body type, age and size.

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Which procedure of face lift is better?

Bewilderment is often seen in the eyes of the patient by looking at the numbers of procedures available for facelift. Surgical procedure can be done for short scar, deep plane, skin, high SMAS and MACS lift. The list can be continued further. Therefore, it is necessary to select an adequate procedure after consultation with the surgeon.

By selecting a trusted and reputed surgeon, problems can be resolved to some extent. Surgical technique of appropriate kind can be chosen afterward. In case you have liked performance of a surgeon in the past then it can be repeated once again for effective result. It can be considered best way to achieve the goal.

Both rejuvenated and younger look can be ensured with the facelift. Tissues within the face is removed from underneath on the occasion. Procedures are performed beyond the superficial layer.


Do you know about the duration of surgery and recovery time?

Depending on the nature of surgical procedure, duration of the surgery can be calculated. In case of a mini-facelifts, things can be fixed in mere two hours. For a standard procedure of facelift, it becomes necessary to spend four to six hours minimum. It is especially seen for brow surgery in addition to eyelid surgery.

Similar to the surgical process, difference in the recovery time can be observed as well. Swelling in the face is noticed for minimum 14 days. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take leave for about two weeks from workstation. For complete recovery, it is better to devote a month.

How difference will you appear?

In most occasions, a refreshed look is guaranteed. Due to an excellent facelift, younger looking skin can be detected instead of mere and simple difference. Face looks quite natural. It seems that the person is not gone beyond relaxation and rest. For similar appearance to the youthful days, it is necessary to select the surgeon carefully

What are factors to look for in a cosmetic surgeon?

Disproportionate appearance is often experienced due to a bad facelift. On the occasion, a surprise look may be seen from the person every time with hollow eyes and raised eye brow. As a result of extracting excessive fat from skin and the neck, issues can be seen with the appearance.

To avoid these effects, research must be adequately. Recommendation can be asked from friends and family. It is necessary to be confident about the surgeon before the procedure.

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Things to know about Rhinoplasty Surgery

Hello guys, in this article i want to inform you about things to know when you want to go for Rhinoplasty surgery. Please make sure to contact your doctor before going for any procedure.

For reshaping nose, Rhinoplasty surgery is performed. It is possible to make nose small and big through the surgery. The position of the nose is fixed according to the upper lip. Diverse range of things such as indentations and bumps in addition to other types of issues can be resolved with this surgery.

Incision is made on the nose bone and cartilage according to the requirement. Proper amount of support is given to the nose in due course. As the cut is made within the inner part of nose, you cannot see it from the outside. Requirement to remove a cartilage is observed in some occasions as well. By adding tissue, attraction of the face can be enhanced further. Following to the restructure of the cartilage and bone, tissue and skin is placed over the nose once again for proper appearance. During healing time, a splint is attached from outside in order to hold up newly constructed nose properly.

Both the local and general anesthesia can be used for rhinoplasty. It is not necessary to stay in the hospital for the surgery. However, one-night stay may be recommended in serious condition by the surgeons. Through training in otolaryngology and plastic surgery, ability to perform these surgeries can be earned.

What is expected after the surgery?

Puffiness is often felt around the area of nose in addition eyes after the surgery. Swollen faces along with the bruises are often seen due to the surgery. By putting a cold compressed on the bruised area, problems can be solved. Pain can be reduced considerable in due course. Pain medication is prescribed by the surgeons in order to keep the soreness and sting in check. To notice improvement in the condition of bruises and swell, it is necessary to wait at least for 10 to 15 days. However, both the bandages and splints are removed from the face within mere a week.

Head must be kept in an elevated position following to the surgery. Proper rest must be given to every possible muscle in the face. It is better to avoid strenuous activities for few weeks.

The reason behind the surgery

Shape, size and angle of the nose can be altered completely through rhinoplasty. Proportion of the face can be improved simultaneously. If there is a structural problem with the nose then it can be perfected through the surgery easily. It is especially beneficial to cure congestion in the nose that frequently leads to breathing issues.

rhinoplasty surgery

How Rhinoplasty works

From minor to considerable changes can be seen in the face through rhinoplasty. However, appearance of the face mostly depends on the nature of surgery. It is necessary to acquire approval from the plastic surgeon for the process. In case of a realistic expectation from the surgery, it can be fulfilled without much hassle. Desired results can be obtained. For finding your surgeon use google and search for one, which has good rating and enough experience. For Central Europe you can use this site. Plastická operácia nosa v Bratislave or plastika nosa cenník.

Permanent result can be ensured with rhinoplasty. However, condition can be changed with further injuries or accidents. It is important to have a fully grown nose on the occasion. Development of the nose can be completed within 16 years in woman and 18 years by a male.


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What Is This Site About?

Yo! Hello guys, Natasha here.

This is our first post, i just want to let you know that we will post articles as frequently as our work schedule let us, because everyone of us has also other projects to work on.
Our goal in this site/blog, is to post articles 1-2x a week about things we talk in About Us page.
My journey start (I will talk about it later on) when i get more aware about my life, but also look around me and start noticing that many people are not happy with where their lives are heading.
As i get more “in tune” with my body i start to feeling that becoming more healthier make me more beautiful and vice versa. People start noticing that i have becoming more easy-going, more self-confident and also more prettier as many men said to me (thats what all women want to hear).

Also, i know that wasn´t made all by changing my mindset about life in general, but because i start changing my appearance. First change was change in my diet. That help me tremendously with my skin but also weight.
Second change was made by changing my style and fashion
Also i start using some new products for skin, take care of my posture and fix my left shoulder joint by going to chiropractic. 
My friend also go to plastic surgeons for changing her nose (rhinoplasty) and her ears (otoplasty), because she doesn´t like her wide ears, which make her head look wider.
If it makes you more happy & self-confident, there is no reason not to go for want you want in your life.

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Just search more info about procedures/ surgeons/ things that may go wrong, before you choose to go for some surgeries. Also read legal disclaimer, before taking advice from this website.


So in this blog i will posts articles about this topics. How to take your life into your own hands and change your appearance, health and live more rewarding lifestyle in general. 

Thanks for reading this article and i hope everyone will start to move forward for what he wants out of his life. 

Until next time.